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      "You mean you'd do as much for anybody?""N-no, I guess not; b-b-but ain't it aw-awful. Si? You look so bad I th-thought you was k-k-killed!"

      "We'll be very pleased to have you," Pen said as primly as a school-marm, and despising herself for it. Why couldn't she be natural?Si Reports to the Colonel 38

      Pen had smiled to herself without answering.

      "Well..." began Pen.

      "Preparing a line of retreat," she said smiling.

      "Listen!" said Pen. "Pitch your tent among the bushes at the back of the tomb."


      "I don't know what to make of you," he went on crossly. "A while ago you were all for helping in the search."[849] Amherst to Pitt, 8 Sept. 1760.